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JUNE 6, 2012

SCOTTSDALE – BroadcastAZ, a Broadcast USA company, unveils one of the country's leading HD digital broadcast facilities in Scottsdale. This state-of-the-art HDTV Production & Broadcast Center opens June 15 to take advantage of the high concentration of breaking news from Arizona and nationally-ranked Arizona public companies.

Where HD video is the medium of choice, BroadcastAZ boasts a fully-equipped broadcast center, capable of televising live High Definition or Standard Definition signals via a dedicated high speed video pipeline to an HD Hub in New York City. The signal is then available to more than 200 major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, ESPN and global networks as well.

BroadcastAZ features two complete HD studios including High Definition cameras and teleprompter, computer controlled lighting grid, control room, video pipeline connection, robotically controlled HD-camera with a lighting and sound system in Studio A for ‘talking head’ or ‘live-shot’ interviews, plus a green room/make-up room for talent.

Studio B is a 1,200 square foot HD studio suitable for major shows needing up to five HD cameras, green-screen and custom set designs.

BroadcastAZ chose Scottsdale for its first West regional location due to the favorable business climate that the city offers. Arizona is also a national source for breaking news, financial trends, green energy, medical technology, and global tourism.

BroadcastAZ will hire 12-15 professionals (over the next twelve months) with experience in growing sectors such as sales, marketing, advertising, content, broadcasting and digital communication. There will also be opportunities for IT professionals to work with their innovative core technologies including robotics, software system controls, and wireless technologies.

Their free standing, 2,000+ square foot studio facility is located at 10755 E. Cactus Road, Scottsdale.


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Local & Live Broadcast to Global Networks in Real Time


About BroadcastAZ – A Network Style Environment

With an Arizona focus, our goal is to present our community with a futuristic vision for communications while taking a global leadership role in the application and development of new technologies.  We are proactively meeting the challenges of the new converging trends – broadcasting and telecommunication – resulting from the rapid development of digital technologies – BroadcastAZ can expand the range and power of delivering HD broadcasts and strengthen our Arizona businesses, deliver the Arizona perspective in breaking news, and enhance the communications market.

Now, with our new convergent technologies, we have invested in both the newest equipment – robotic camera systems that have remote control capable of being driven by a director in a major New York City television network for example – and digital communications technologies including a high speed digital pipeline directly connecting Broadcast USA to over 200 major networks including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN and global networks as well.

Douglas Collins
BroadcastAZ - A Broadcast USA Company

10755 East Cactus Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
775.742.8403 Cellular

Follow these easy steps to book a Live Shot

- Check our Studio A or Studio B Availability. Our Toll Free telephone number is 888.860.1763. Press Ext. 1 immediately to be connected to our booking/scheduling department.

- Studio A can accommodate 1-2 guests on screen. Studio B is 1200 square feet with the TriCaster 855 Professional Switcher (24 Channels) and up to 8 HD cameras and can accommodate remote broadcast of a Network show – live from Scottsdale, AZ.

- Hours of operation are 24/7 with trained professionals onsite round-the-clock for breaking news from Arizona.

Where HD video is the medium of choice, BroadcastAZ boasts a fully-equipped broadcast center, capable of televising live High Definition or Standard Definition signals via a dedicated high speed video pipeline to global networks, network operations/technical centers and network affiliates including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, ESPN and global networks as well.

BroadcastAZ produces live broadcasts, streaming webinars, corporate video news releases, live Internet television and more using a variety of custom virtual sets.

As you watch this highlight reel, look at we customize the sets with 3D logos, overlays, graphics in on-screen monitors, downstream keys for video ID bugs, titles and lower thirds - all of these elements add huge production value. With our TriCaster 855 Professional Switcher, we are able to provide finished or near-final video products that save lots of money in post-production costs. We can also do LIVE SKYPE Interviews for dynamic content. Call Doug at 888.860.1763 to learn more about our virtual set productions.

Custom-built in the privacy of the one acre lot behind 10755 East Cactus Road in Scottsdale, BroadcastAZ features two complete HD Studios plus a Patio/Pool Area including High Definition cameras and teleprompter, computer controlled lighting grid, control room, video pipeline connection, robotically controlled HD-camera with a lighting and sound system in Studio A for ‘talking head’ or ‘live-shot’ interviews, plus a green room/make-up room for talent. Studio B, at 1200 sq.ft., is suitable for up to a EIGHT camera shoot equipped with the 24 channel TriCaster 855 Professional Mixer with either greenscreen or custom set construction. The Patio & Pool area is ideal for exterior shots with beautiful desert landscaping with a greenscreen for added value.

"We wanted a state-of-art studio facility that also offered not only privacy for our VIP guests but also a relaxed atmosphere which includes a well appointed green room, makeup area and outside a Venetian-glass-lined swimming pool and outdoor patio," said Bonnie Adams, Director of Operations. "We have trained production staff at the facility 24/7 because our work day often begins very early in the morning. Breaking News won't wait for your morning coffee."

“BroadcastAZ is at the point of convergence of broadcasting and telecommunication which is the direct result of the ongoing development of digital technologies,” said Scott Siegwald, Director of Technology for BroadcastAZ. “With a 70 millisecond delay, our connectivity is unsurpassed in delivering a High Definition video broadcast direct to networks, network affiliates and network/technical operations centers around the world. All our equipment is capable of both studio operation and also robotic control at remote terminals. It is the same technology being used by Major League Baseball and the NFL Network for live shots throughout the country."

BroadcastAZ will provide live shot services to markets including breaking news, financial industries, public company communication with financial analysts, annual meetings and shareholder media advisories, along with satellite media tours.”

Where HD video is the medium of choice, BroadcastAZ boasts a fully-equipped broadcast center, capable of televising live High Definition, Anamorphic High Definition or Standard Definition signals via a dedicated high speed video pipeline directly to networks, network operations/technical centers and network affiliates around the world including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, ESPN and global networks as well.


Why not tell your story with a video broadcast from BroadcastAZ?

Each day our BroadcastAZ team works with the top producers at FOX Business, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News and MSNBC with Live Shots from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Leverage our relationships to get your corporate news released to these news organizations.

We will work with your professional team to pitch your story to network producers for feature interviews with your CEO or company spokesperson.

BroadcastAZ has a dedicated High Definition Video Pipeline to global networks, network operations/technical centers and network affiliates to bring news to the world. Additionally, we offer simultaneous broadcasting, streaming, recording and compression of your video content for posting to your website and social media sites.


BroadcastAZ has complete mobile capabilities to provide HD 1080i ON LOCATION video production. Recent productions include the 2013 Native American Fine Arts Festivalthe 2012 Arizona Art Alliance Annual Show and the 2012 Country Thunder Arizona 4-Day Concert/Festival.


On Location Services


Full HD 1080i Capable

BroadcastAZ has the full complement of mobile resources – all HD 1080i – including cameras, microphones, lighting, green screen, audio mixer, TriCaster 855 professional switcher + more for On Location productions. Over the last three years, BroadcastAZ (Previously Studio Scottsdale) has been on location in many locations including New York City, New Jersey’s Empty Sky Park, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Atlanta, Dallas, Montreal, James Bay Quebec, Chihuahua Mexico, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Las Vegas, Sun Valley, San Francisco, Orange County, Sedona and Santa Fe … just to name a few locations.

BroadcastAZ has a full HD video team that can film special events such as this video for the City of Litchfield Park, AZ. This video will be a centerpiece of the sponsorship package for the 2014 event as it details the culture and the diversity of the 21st Annual Native American Fine Arts Festival that was held January 30/31, 2013. The video begins with a passionate story from Ken Duncan, Apache, who is a master storyteller and he speaks of the generations of Native Americans who passed down the colors, the symbols and the richness of culture that is now manifest in the fine arts. Also featured are interviews and performances by Tony Duncan, a master hoop dancer, who has been on tour with Nelly Furtado for her world tour. Tony was featured not only in her music video Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)but also on the Billboard Music Awards Telecast. Other Native Americans interviewed include World Champion Hoop Dancer Moontee Sinquah and master artists Judith Durr and Elizabeth Whitethorne-Benally. Video footage of the Native American Fine Arts Panel Discussion was provided in collaboration with The Heard Museum.

Camera work by Doug Collins, interviewer is Dianemarie (DM) Collins of The DMZone and editing by DM Productions LLC. We used our SONY Documentary camera system with Lite Panel LED color-balanced light for this video footage. Post production is done with Adobe Premiere in 1080i HDTV format.

Next big ON LOCATION HD Video production will be live from Country Thunder Arizona 2013.

HD VIDEO LINK: Here is the ON LOCATION video footage from Country Thunder 2012

The DMZone was on location but BroadcastAZ added with our TriCaster 855 significant production value: Host DM Collins in a virtual set in Studio B of BroadcastAZ doing the intro/closing wraps for the production.




Your vision for a professional-looking studio just became real. With a simple setup, a few square feet of space, our NewTek TriCaster 855 and the BroadcastAZ Virtual Set Editing Team, we can easily transform any location into a professional, virtual environment that dramatically raises your production value, and upgrade your presentation with dazzling visual effects that make a big impression on your audience.

The Virtual Sets used by BroadcastAZ are NOT KNOCKOFF virtual set programs that simply provide basic layering applications or that lack creative tool integration. All of our Virtual Sets are customizable sets for multiple live video sources at the same time―scaled, rotated, even mapped to 3D shapes―and realistic camera movements in 3D space. Whisk viewers away to the distinct locations of your virtual studio using customized full-color, animated transitions with alpha channel and embedded audio. Add real-time cloth dynamics, warped animated 3D effects and transformations, or motion overlays. Don’t just elevate your brand – reinvent it with realistic virtual sets with multiple angles, real-time reflections and spectacular highlights.
From independent producers to broadcast networks—high-quality, custom virtual sets are breathing life into virtual studio environments everywhere wowing your audiences by replacing a cramped production space, or creating a million dollar studio for a fraction of the cost. Give every program a distinct look quickly and easily, and extend your signature look—from a single program to an entire network with full creative flexibility. Customize set themes, color schemes, and presentation styles to build the ideal virtual environment that will enhance and extend your brand of programming, and engage your viewers with vivid studio settings that are both realistic and professional.

Most of our Virtual Set Production is done in a live broadcast, network style environment. With great planning and pre-production strategies, the BroadcastAZ professional team do layout with our Tricaster 855 Professional Switcher capable of 24 inputs – 8 HD1080i cameras, downstream keys, overlays, roll-in videos and graphic effects/animation, live Skype contributor segments, streaming solutions across 13 different streaming platforms, simultaneous video capture in multiple formats including compressed video for social media platforms + audio capture only as MP3 for live radio to television productions, and much more. Contact Doug Collins at  for details of our HD Production Facility and Virtual Sets.

Our current virtual set clients range from broadcast and cable networks, to local affiliates, to commercials, to product launches, and corporate videos and webcast presentations. Our set designs range from broadcast news rooms, to talk shows, to dramas, to virtual locations. We have many virtual set designs and proudly feature the TriCaster 855 Professional Switcher for the range of productions and budgets.
BroadcastAZ utilizes customizable virtual sets from NewTek and from Virtual Setworks. CLICK LINK FOR UPDATED BACKGROUNDS:
New background images are uploaded for Phoenix at Night, Newsroom backgrounds and office backgrounds.

With the quantity of live shows being produced every day, both for broadcast and the Web, it’s crucial that producers are able to personalize their programming with a look that viewers will recognize,” said NewTek Executive Vice President of Engineering, Andrew Cross. “TriCaster Virtual Set Editor lets users of TriCaster TCXD850 such as BroadcastAZ customize live virtual sets or create them from scratch. The intuitive interface is a dynamic approach to designing a studio environment that is every bit as unique as their content.”

The Graphic Design Team of BroadcastAZ can customize our virtual sets and provide the following options:
•  Change the color and tone of set elements
•  Apply custom logos and artwork to sets
•  Replace background images with video or images of choice
•  Show or hide select set furniture and fixtures
•  Add custom backgrounds and frames to double-box effects
•  Set start and end framing position of virtual zoom
•  Adjust placement (position, scale and rotation) of live video inputs
•  Add your own artwork to Layer Sets to create custom virtual sets
•  Import layered Adobe® Photoshop® files to create original HD virtual sets from 2D images

“Just looked at it. And I gotta say, IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!  So fantastic, so professional. Well done everyone. Totally blew me away.” –  Telus Communications
“What a “WIN” for all of us!!  Thank you SO much for your team’s professionalism and patience in guiding us through this overwhelming project.  Again, it was a wonderful experience working with all of you.  I certainly hope we will have many more opportunities to work with you in the future.”  – Carol Metterbrink – The Balanced WorkLife Company

“The video is outstanding! The video explains what and who Counterpoint IP is all about. BroadcastAZ did a great job!” – Fred Sibayan, Chairman and CEO of CounterpointIP
“Lifts our online broadcast show to an entirely new level.” – DM Collins – Host of The DMZone

“Very pleased with the results of our eyewear campaign. And the sales prove we made the right choice! We've never seen such a powerful reaction to our fashion round glasses! We'll be back!” – Lucas McFaul, Principal, Ad Marketing Zombie

“Again all your hard work is so much appreciated! Your diligence to make sure Steve and the Builder Trade In team are shown at their best never ceases to amaze me! Much appreciation to you and your team!” – Cora Ellebrecht, Builder Trade In Program